Do You Think You May Have a Hearing Loss ?


Hearing loss usually follows a gradual decline and can be a normal part of the ageing process.

It can also be a sudden deterioration in hearing and this should always be reported to your GP.

Common signs could be struggling to hear speech clearly in background noise, or needing to turn up the TV.                                                                                                      

It is important to look after your hearing as you would any other aspect of your health.


Why Not Book a FREE Hearing Assessment ?

A professional hearing assessment in your home takes around 1 hour and is free of charge or obligation. The assessment includes a full medical case history, ear examination and hearing test using the latest technology. The results are then explained in detail, medical referrals made if necessary, and suitable hearing aid products discussed.

Who Uses My Services ?

Patients come to me who require a personal hearing service and the very latest in technology and discreet private hearing instruments. They are also looking for a local, fully independent and professional fitting and aftercare service, avoiding NHS waiting lists and travel concerns. Many of my patients are direct recommendations and I have steadily built a loyal patient base in the local area.



“Amy was wonderful to have as my Audiologist. Professional and approachable putting my nerves at rest once accepting I must do something about my hearing loss. With many options available being able to trial two hearing aids was extremely helpful. Everything from the Audiogram to the aids themselves were explained clearly by Amy. The service provided was great and I could not recommend her enough.” 


A. Best, Lewes

“I contacted Amy as I read that independent consultants are the best option for hearing aids. I can confirm that Amy has surpassed all my expectations. Her understanding of user needs, friendliness and advice are superb.” 


S. Radosevic, Lewes

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